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Thanks a lot! I just extracted it on a nearby PC and brought data folder back to mac. All I get once I enter that instruction into Finder is this: Could you please post your solution so it may help other Mac users in the future. Should I go ahead and retry the first steps? I've tried all of the steps above. Can someone please explain how to get the data from Steam? I bought the game just can't download it. Please help! Thank you!!

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Hi can someone help me I'm trying to install RCT2 on my mac but nothing shows up when i try this in finder. You mean to tell me there are over 40k views on this thread, and we still do not have anyone that can do a full lay out of how to make this work? No one else seems to know the answer either.

Maybe show us where we can find the original game files from Steam and how to move them to the applications folder? I appreciate the help. Search your filesystem for "g1. This should be contained in a directory called "Data", and the directory that contains that usually called "RollerCoaster Tycoon 2" is the one you want to select.

If g1. Instructions on how to obtain the game files on Mac are available here. I have the game purchased through steam. Steam cannot download the game because im on the wrong OS. So where do I go from here? Even though I bought the game but can't download it, I need to download it through another way?

Tutorial - Run RCT and RCT2 Natively on Mac OS X!

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How to Get RCT 2 for Mac FREE! (No Torrents) (DRIVE)

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack на

This is great thank you so much oh my god! This is awesome! Thanks AJ! Attachments Problem. So, the InstallShield installer just didn't come up at all?

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I get that error whenever I try to cancel the installation, but the InstallShield installer always comes up for me when I use my Triple Thrill Pack disc. What OS version are you using? It looks like Leopard or Snow Leopard. Leopard Try an older one either way.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack

People around the internet say that Leopard has trouble with the 1. I'd suggest WS9Wine 1. From there, start at Step 5. Last edited by A.


First off: Thank you so much for giving your time and effort and making this tutorial! My whole installation works fine until I hit test run, from there a little white box appears at the top left corner of my mac and the actual game window does not show up. Any thoughts? Did you go into Advanced and set the correct EXE? That's usually a big one. Funkenstrahlen Podcasting, Netzpolitik, App-Entwicklung.

OpenRCT2 But there is hope! It is amazing what they already achieved: Installation You can try it yourself. It is not very hard to setup: This contains all the game resources. If you already own the game you can also use the files from the installation medium. If you want to play the RCT2 extensions too, you will have to buy the game to get the required game resources.

Before launching the game you can adjust all settings and keep the OpenRCT2 Code you are running up to date. Make sure you configure the game ressources path in the launcher options correctly.