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If you changed the file on both sides of the synchronized folder pair then GoodSync cannot determine which version is preferred because it does not know which set of changes should win and which should be dropped and GoodSync then declares a conflict. By default, conflict is a no-copy action. User override: System action: A folder will be deleted on the right side. A folder will be created on the left side.

A folder will be deleted on the left side. Copy time stamp but not the file itself from the right to the left side. Copy internal GoodSync "file state" from the left to the right side.

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Copy internal GoodSync "file state" from the right to the left side. User set this item action to No Copy. Item is excluded. See the status column for exclude reason. GoodSync can not decide how to sync this item, likely because item was modified on both sides. See the status column for details. GoodSync can not sync this item. See the status column for explanation. Item is currently synchronizing.

Job is waiting to start. Job has been paused during analysis or sync. Job is being analyzed. Job analysis has been completed, GoodSync is now ready to synchronize. Specified job is in the process of being synchronized. Specified job has been synchronized. User attention is required after analysis or synchronization has been completed. Error starting a job. One-way "Left" to "Right" Job. One-way "Right" to "Left" Job.

You can specify a portable path in the left or right sync folder like so: Here VolumeName is volume label that you can set in volume properties in the Windows Explorer. If path is specified in the portable format, GoodSync will look for a volume named VolumeName in all portable removable drives attached to this computer. So if this volume gets a different drive letter next time you insert it, GoodSync will still be able to find it. When you select a folder on a removable drive in the Browse dialog, GoodSync will offer to record path to this folder in the portable path format.

Related topics: Environment variable can be put in only by directly editing the folder path, not via Browse dialog. Popular environment variables are: Use this to refer to folders stored on GoodSync2Go volume, in Portable version. Also GoodSync substitutes these special variables: But GoodSync is case-preserving , that is, if you change file or folder name from FilE. These design choices reflect realities of the modern operating systems: But if we want to be able to sync case-insensitive Windows and MacOS file systems to them, our tree must remain case-insensitive.

Job Template is an incomplete Job, usually with right folder not set. It is used to save your favorite set of Job options as a Template, so that other Jobs can be easily created from it. In the New Job dialog, select From Template option. Then select the template from which Job should be created. Adding Filters from Context Menu after Analyze. The easiest way to exclude the file or group of files is to perform Analyze and then right-click the file or folder and select one of the Exclusion commands:.

This tab is the only place where you can modify or delete exclusions. No spaces is allowed in the "size" match line. Size of non-file items folder, link, deleted or not-present file are considered to be 0 for the purposes of 'size' comparisons. Only live not deleted files are meant to take part in 'time' comparisons. Modification time of non-file objects folders, links, deleted files is considered to be NullTime Jan 1, By default GoodSync excludes hidden and system files and folders, because these files are not user files and usually they are not worth backing up or syncing.

Exclude Composition. There is an implicit OR between lines of the Exclude filter. Each line can contain more than one clause separated by semicolon ";". There is an implicit AND between clauses in the exclude line. Any and All qualifiers. File modification times may be different on Left and Right, then you have to use "any" or "all" qualifier to get the desired result. Include Filter includes only files and folders specified in it and it excludes everything else. Include Filter is applied before the Exclude Filter.

Include Filter with no lines includes everything, that is, it is effectively ignored. Include Clauses. Include clauses are the same as Exclude clauses: Include Composition. There is an implicit OR between lines of Include filter. Each line may contain more than one clause separated by semicolon ";". There is an implicit AND between clauses in the line. If both Exclude and Include filters are specified then the Include filter is used first, then Exclude filter is applied to the Include results. If any Include line contains non-path match 'name pattern', 'time -Nd', 'size N', etc then all folders are included in the match, so that files inside these folders can be matched against non-path filters.

Use 'Exclude Empty Folders' option to exclude folders that are considered empty due to lack of matched files in them. Special "size" and "time" matches work in the Include filters. You can select several files and folders multi-select is done by clicking items while holding CTRL key and then they all will be added to the Include list. Include only files that have extension 'ext', in all sub-folders. Also files and folders created by GoodSync Server will be owner by impersonated user. Home File System usually has one server S0. It points to some folder on one of internal file systems available on GSTP server.

GSTP server requires authentication based on user accounts. Basic and Digest authentication protocols are available. You will be requested to setup GoodSync Connect Account. A Secondary Limited user typically is limited to accessing only one folder and its subfolders, which is called the Home Folder of this user.

Any attempt to go above the Home Folder will be rejected by the GS server. Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts This describes GoodSync commands that can be started by clicking buttons and selecting menu items. Show proposed changes. Files are considered to be the same if their size and modification time are the same. Execute commit changes that Analyze has proposed. Sync can be continued after Stop, Analyze will run anew after Stop.

Logs record all actions that all GoodSync jobs have done to this folder and its sub-folders. If Group is checked in the menu, Remove current Job from the selected Group. First job named 'New Job' is created automatically when you run GoodSync for the first time. That is, create a new job with a different name that is a copy of this job. Templates can be used when creating a New Job. File Systems on left and right must support MD5 computation for this to work. Compare Bodies. Files are considered to be the same if their bodies are the same.

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Files from remote file systems will be downloaded, so this will run slowly. Works after Analyze, when changes become available. Causes GoodSync to forget state and history info that GoodSync collected on files in sync folders, such as the fact that which files were deleted and when. Most commands in Job and Tree menu apply to the current job. These commands control All Jobs. Analyze and then Sync each job. Jobs that have been started already, will continue to run. If unchecked, then AutoRun is enabled. Default view. A small window is shown that displays status of active jobs.

This mode is used for background operations. This pane shows time when the job last ran and current status of the job. Not shown by default. Job List is always shown. It shows all Exclude and Include filters for this Job. Shown by default. It shows automatically scrolled log for this Job. These commands are enabled after you Analyze the job and click a node in Sync Tree. Errors are not conflicts, they are originated by file system. That is, files and folders that exist on one side and do not exist on the other side and copy action will copy them to this other side.

That is, files that exist on both sides and copy action will copy file from one side to another. That is, files and folders that exist on one side and do not exist on the other side and copy action will delete them on this other side. These are candidates for Copy Time action, if you believe that files are actually the same. These commands are available through keyboard shortcuts and are standard for Windows trees.

Focus must be on the node to open. All Action commands are also available from file or folder context menu. If GoodSync Explorer is installed, then use it to open remote folders. It also works for local folders, will run 'diff -r' on Left and Right folders. File or folder will be excluded by its exact path. File or folder will be included by its exact path. If one or more Include filters are defined then only files and folders that are Included in this way will be Analyzed, everything else will be excluded.

Enabled only after you modified actions proposed by Analyze. It helps you understand how GoodSync made a sync decision for this file. Run GoodSync Connect Setup dialog. Run Runner Service Setup dialog. TIX file selected by user. TIX file. If only file Job is selected Current Job then export this job. If Group is selected, export all Jobs in this Group. TIX file comes in a text-based format which is used for export and import, it also can be edited. TIX file produced by Export command. Imported jobs are added to the existing jobs. If imported job has the same name as existing job, import of this job fails.

You will need Order ID and your name as it appears in the Order. Uploads this file to GoodSync support server and creates support ticket. GoodSync also automatically checks for its new version upon start.

GoodSync Manual

GoodSync can synchronize not only disk and net shares mounted on your computer. To select or change your sync folder, click Browse button on the left or right side of Sync. The Browse File System dialog appears. File System Type appears in the left navigation pane of the Browse dialog. To change File System Type, click on different file systems on the left. If folder you want to sync with does not exist, create it: Secure mode SSL.

Do not Check SSL server certificates. If this box is checked then none of these checks are performed. Check the box if you are using self-signed certificate or care only about encryption and not about verification of the server identity. UTF-8 file name encoding. On by default Network protocols are byte protocol, so encoding non-ASCII non-latin characters can be done in several different ways. If checked then use UTF-8 encoding for file and folder names. If un-checked then use ANSI encoding, language of the encoding being the language of this computer.

Connect Via Proxy. Client Certificate. Off by default If file path is specified, use private certificate from this file to authenticate SSL session. Windows disks mounted directly on this computer available only in Windows. Official URL: Since no authentication is required and disks are always connected, the folder tree is shown right away clicking Go button is not needed. User Folder You can specify a user folder as part of folder path like so: Portable Path You can specify the disk by its volume name, like so: Use it to designate removable volumes that can be mounted to different disk letters.

Computer Specific Path You can specify the path that works only on designated computer, like so: Use computer specific paths in GoodSync2Go, where the same jobs will run on different computers and you want some jobs to run only on specific computers, not on all computers. Such devices will also appear in My Computer tab. Mac disks available directly on this computer available only in MacOS.

Plain-text prefix: GSTP has two addressing schemes: IP name or address, resolved using traditional DNS. Format of the URL is gstp: Presence of virtual top level domain. Note that once you logged in to Share, Windows will cache authentication data. So if authentication data changes on server, you must Logout and then Login to you account on the client to make Windows use new authentication data.

Apple remote disks available via AFP protocol. Enter UserID and Password if your share is password-protected and you do not want to answer system prompts to enter share credentials. Windows shares will also be shown under a separate handling, as MacOS has native facilities for discovering and presenting Windows shares. Plain-text prefix only: Google Drive server, API ver 3.

Secure prefix only: OAuth2 authentication. To enter credentials in Browse dialog you should simply click Go button. Google then will ask you in your default browser whether you allow GoodSync to access it.

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You should approve it and then GoodSync will be able to sync with your Google Drive. Google Files Only. This file system shows only actual files. For Google Docs it shows. Google Team Files only. This file system shows files from Google Team Drive. Google Docs [Ver 10 only] Google Docs server. Google Docs only. This file system shows Google Docs only, not Google Drive files.

Google Doc is a document that exists only on Google servers usually Word and Excel documents. Google Docs cannot be Uploaded and Downloaded. They only can be Exported and Imported, each time producing a slightly different result. Also file size is not known for Google Docs, so we show it as Unknown. Amazon S3 Amazon S3 server. S3 Storage Model in GoodSync: S3 does not have a notion of folders and files, they have buckets , keys and values. Therefore folders and files model has to be translated to buckets, keys and values model and different programs do it in a different way. GoodSync model is rather straightforward: GoodSync and other S3 clients.

While our model is most obvious and rational, folders and files that GoodSync create may be not recognized by other S3 client programs that use different model. Therefore you should create and use folders only with GoodSync and other programs that support the same model. Host-based Addressing for Buckets: Must be checked for buckets hosted in Europe or Japan. Host-based bucket names may contain only lower case latin letters and digits. If unchecked then use URL-based addressing for buckets. S3 hosts S3 used to have one main host: Not anymore.

Now Amazon has several 'super-hosts' based on the region, but GoodSync finds out which host to use automatically, by asking main S3 server. Which means that only the main server appears in the URL, per tradition. Bucket Naming rules These rules must be followed: No upper case of mixed case bucket names are allowed.

Reduced Redundancy ver 9 and up If checked then use bucket with reduced redundancy that is also cheaper. If unchecked then use regular high-redundancy expensive buckets. If unchecked then store files un-encrypted. All uploaded files are uploaded with the specified policy. Naming convention: URL with amazoncd: So to enter credentials in Browse dialog you should simply click Go button. Amazon then will ask you in your default browser whether you allow GoodSync to access your Cloud Drive. You should approve it and then GoodSync will be able to sync to your Cloud Drive.

No Block Upload. Amazon Cloud Drive protocol does not allow block-by-block upload of large files. Therefore any connection error during upload of a large file leads to complete reupload of this file. It means that if your file is large enough and your connection is dirty enough, file may never be uploaded. You should encourage Amazon to add Block File Upload to their protocol, as everybody else has it. Dropbox [Ver 10 only] Dropbox Online storage. Dropbox then will ask you in your default browser whether you allow GoodSync to access it. You should approve it and then GoodSync will be able to sync with your Dropbox.

You should approve it and then GoodSync will be able to sync with your Box. Backblaze B2 [Ver 10 only] Backblaze B2 online storage. This file system is somewhat similar to Amazon S3. Answer Yes. Access granted. You can return to GoodSync now. Rate Limit Errors. Old msdrive: Be aware that Office servers may be unavailable for many hours per day, due to Microsoft servers being overloaded or simply broken.

You would see it as 'Rate Limit Error, status code '. SharePoint , which is not integrated into Microsoft graph. This file system is similar to Amazon S3. Authentication data is always required, and it comes in two different varieties:. The Public Key is located on the server and only server administrator can put it there. Private Key may additionally be protected by a password. Enter this password into the Browse dialog or use private key caching program such as Pageant.

Private Key format: PuTTY format looks something like this:. UTF-8 encoding is recommended and is the default. See FTP for more details. Remote FTP server. UserID and Password are usually required and specified in Browse dialog fields. Secure mode FTPS: FTPS has two modes: Explicit and Implicit. Explicit is the default and recommended mode. In Explicit mode GoodSync negotiates with the server about what encryption to use. In Implicit mode the connection to server is open in SSL mode right away on port without any negotiation. Active Mode or Passive Mode. By default GoodSync uses Passive FTP mode when connecting, because in this mode no data connections from server to client are required and these connections are not allowed by most firewalls.

Check Active Mode box only if Passive mode connection is not allowed by server and if you firewalls allow servers to initiate FTP data connection to the client. By default GoodSync gets file modification time from file listing. In this listing file modification time will be rounded to the nearest minute or even day and this may create fake changes. Remote WebDAV server. This means that you must type the full path to your DAV folder, you cannot type in just server name, click Go and drill down to the DAV folder.

This happens because top folder of the HTTP server is usually not DAV enabled and it will not list folders inside it for security reasons. Tree of folders and files stored in one file, with compression and encryption. Password specified in connection options is used to encrypt file using AES if not empty. File is initially read, decrypted, uncompressed. All file operations are performed in memory. When connection closes, file is compressed, encrypted, written to disk.

So encryption is not block oriented and applied after compression, therefore it is very good. Available in GoodSync ver 9 as a Beta for Ver Job Options Each Job has a set of options that modify the behavior of synchronization algorithm for this job. Propagate Deletions checked by default If checked, then deletion made by user on one side of the job is propagated to the other side. If not checked, then deletions are not propagated, only changed files are propagated.

This modifier applies only to 1-way jobs. If not checked, then error message will be shown on Analyze if sync folders are not present. Only the most recent version of the file the one just before the current version is retained. Cleanup occurs immediately after Sync. When job log cleanup process is started, complete rules: Timestamp is added to file name before its extension, so that multiple versions of the file can be saved. Directory structure is preserved. Cleanup occurs immediately after Sync, every days.

Total Seconds for Reconnect Attempts by default Total seconds allowed for Reconnect attempts, when file system disconnects or returns connection errors. Successful file operation after Reconnect causes the reconnect counter to be reset. If file operation fails after this many seconds of retries, the file system is declared disconnected and the entire job fails.

Run parallel Threads in Sync No by default If checked then run main pass of Sync in this many parallel threads. Using this option speeds up file transfer for remote servers that have high latency. It does not increase speed, if your connection bandwidth is used up by a single-thread sync. If empty or 1 then run sync in one sequential thread. Examples of when it helps: Example of when it does not help: When average file copy speed in Sync exceeds the specified threshold, GoodSync suspends sleeps jobs for 1 second until the effective average speed falls below the limit. Max Time To Run min No Limit by default If checked and not zero then limit duration of this Job run to the specified number of minutes.

Both manual and Auto runs are subject to this limit, if specified. Both manual and Auto job runs are subject to this option, is specified. You want to have this option only on one job -- the last jobs run in a day, by On Schedule. Display Balloon messages This option controls whether and when balloon system tray messages are displayed.

Exclude empty by default Files and folders that match any line on this list, will be excluded from synchronization. Details are provided in the Exclude Filters Section. Include empty by default If not empty then only files and folders whose names match one of the lines of this Include list and do not match any lines of the Exclude list, are included in synchronization.

Details are provided in the Include Filters Section. It is recommended for the set of inclusions and exclusions to be the same for all jobs that sync with one particular folder. Keeping them different is possible but it is likely to cause confusion as some jobs will not sync files that other jobs would sync. Exclude Empty Folders un-checked by default If checked then Exclude folders that are empty or that contain only empty folders.

Folder are considered empty if they contain no files or if they contain only files that were excluded by Filters. If a trigger is checked then Analyze and Sync for this Job will run when trigger condition is satisfied. None of traditional server file systems can be monitored: On File Change Delay option: If not zero then GoodSync will wait this many seconds since the last change detected by On File Change, before starting the Analyze and Sync. Note that if you had several changes, the delay countdown will start with the last change that was detected. We recommend to set it to at least seconds 2 minutes , so that GoodSync does not start syncing until files were stable for at least 2 minutes.

Maximum possible value of this Delay is sec 5 min. Things to know: Analyze and Sync this job when both folders of the job become connected, after they were previously disconnected. GoodSync checks every 3 minutes for status of left and right folders for a job with this option. Analyze and Sync this job when GoodSync starts. You can also specify delay in seconds: Does not work in Unattended mode, as GoodSync Runner always runs.

Analyze and Sync this job just before Logoff from Windows. Note that Windows may try to kill GoodSync on Logoff. Normally Windows sees that GoodSync is performing file operations and responds to messages and it would let GoodSync finish. However this cannot be guaranteed. Does not work in Unattended mode, as GoodSync Runner runs outside of user space. These time unit values can be specified: Empty time unit value means that this time unit is not fixed in the schedule.

A list of values or stepped value ranges can be specified for each time unit, separated by comma. Example 1: Example 2: Note that setting is usually disabled on notebooks. So the job will auto-start and run even when you are logged off. If GoodSync GUI is running, it will report on status of Unattended job, but you will not see sync tree, nor will you be able to change sync direction. If your Windows Account does not have password, create one, Service will not start without a password.

Unusually high number of changed files indicates that something may be wrong and manual intervention is required. This option is ignored for 1-way jobs. Automatically Resolve Conflicts When job is about to be Synced automatically, use this option to automatically resolve conflicts:. You must not use this option for backup jobs, use 1-way job instead: Backup job must be 1-way job, not 2 way job with AutoResolve conflicts. Conflict Resolution: Rename Losing File, Not Delete If Automatically Resolve Conflicts option is enabled then do not delete file that loses as a result of conflict resolution.

Note however that if winning side of the conflict deletes file and this option is enabled then both files remain the same. If we renamed the file to ' Conflicted Copy ' then we would get no file on winning side and renamed file on losing side, so after 2nd sync files will become the same, only now renamed. Instead we just let them remain the same, without renaming. Wait for Locks to clear checked by default If checked then auto jobs wait for lock files to clear instead of producing an error.

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Lock file is present in the sync folder when a Sync is running in this folder. This way two GoodSync on different computers cannot sync to the same folder at the same time, to avoid data corruption. If not checked then presence of lock file in sync folder produces error. You can also specify length of waiting in minutes. Zero means default value of 20 minutes. Auto Clear on Sync or Analyze with no changes un-checked by default If checked, then GoodSync automatically deletes the Changes tree after successful Sync or after Analyze that did not detect any changes.

Deleting big Changes tree allows you to save memory. You will not be able to see sync results after Changes tree has been deleted, because the changes are stored in the tree, but you will be able to check sync log and see what has been done. Job Scheduling Rules - Each event that has just occurred flags the job as ready-to-run.

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OFC does full analyze on start already. OFC will retry job after connection has been lost. In general, triggers are checked in the order they appear in the Auto trigger list: Pre Analyze E-Mail or Program If the option is not empty, then take the action specified in it, just before Analyze begins. Use this option to connect your folders say, start VPN or to otherwise prepare for Analyze.

If the program returns non-zero return code or fails then do not start Analyze. If the program succeeds and returns zero return code, then proceed with Analyze. Post Sync E-Mail or Program If the option is not empty, then take the action specified in it, just after Sync finishes. Action is take when Sync finishes, and Sync follows Analyze that detected Changes. Use this option to take custom action after Sync, such as notifying system administrator.

Sending Emails If the Scripts option value contains ' ', then GoodSync sends e-mail to address es specified in the option. Multiple email addresses must be separated by comma or semicolon: To specify your own custom email, put its text after ': Calling Programs. If the Scripts option value contains no ' ', then GoodSync runs the program specified in the option and arguments passed to this program: Program-name can be. BAT file,. EXE file or any executable file.

If program-name is not absolute, it should be on your executable PATH. If program name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in double quotes like so: GoodSync waits for the program to finish before proceeding. However, if program name is prefixed with "nowait: If program name is prefixed with "errors: Advanced tab Sync-time Options Advice on what to check and what not: Copy original file system names Mac only, un-checked by default If checked then Copy original file system names, even if they differ only in name case between sides.

If not checked then Normal Attribute is assigned to copied files. Copy Permissions Mac and Unix only, checked by default If checked then copy Permissions rwxrwxrwx of the file or folder when it is being copied by GoodSync. If not checked then default Permissions are assigned to copied files, see separate options for that.

If not checked then Current Owner is assigned to copied files. If not checked then Empty ACL is assigned to copied files. If not checked then empty Extended Attributes are assigned to copied files. Move Mode: Delete Source File after Copy After file is copied from source folder to destination folder, delete it.

This is equivalent to Moving file from source to destination. If source folder becomes empty as a result of such deletions, it is also deleted. To be used only by advanced users. Delete Source File after Copy' did its work, also delete folder if it became empty. Available on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and later. GoodSync can copy only from locked file on local disk, never from a network-mounted locked file.

Uber-Unlocked Mode un-checked by default If checked then Source files may be deleted or moved during upload, as GoodSync does not lock them in any way during upload. If un-checked then use operating system unlocked mode for uploads, but this mode still locks source files against move or delete. Also after Sync verify that checksum of copied file is the same on both sides. Folder move is detected when all files inside the folder are moved to the same destination folder. Estimate disk space required for Sync checked by default If checked then Compute how much free disk space is needed to complete the Sync.

Keep it On for jobs that write to drives with limited free space. Turn it Off for jobs that are unlikely to overflow disks, because free space is plentiful on both sides. Symbolic Links Processing Copy As Is by default This option determines how symbolic links to file and folders are processed.

Symlinks are ignored and not copied in any way. Which effectively means that Folder Options are attached to a Folder, not a Job. What Makes Files Differ Compare Checksums when needed slower un-checked by default If checked then compare MD5 checksum of Old to New file, when file size did not change but file mod time changed. If not checked then Attributes are copied only when changed file is copied.

If not checked then Permissions are copied only when changed file is copied. Compare Owner un-checked by default If checked then changes in File Owner are detected even when file body does not change. If not checked then File Owner are copied only when file body has changed. If not checked then ACL is copied only when file body has changed. Compare Extended Attributes Mac only, un-checked by default If checked then changes in Extended Attributes are detected even when file body does not change. If not checked then Extended Attributes are copied only when changed file is copied. These are options that you should not normally change.

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  7. This option should be used only in situations where writing to sync folder is not possible or undesirable read-only source side of 1-way job. Use this option only for sync folders that are not synced with any other folder by any other job on this or another computer. If this option is checked then these other options cannot be used: If not checked, perform full Analyze, with listing all folders inside sync folder. This option can be used if only GoodSync not you and not other program changes files in folder and sub-folders on this side.

    Safe Copy using temporary files checked by default If checked, then Sync does not copy source file directly to the destination file on this side, as it would result in corruption of destination file is copy operation is aborted mid-way. Instead Sync copies source file to temporary file in destination folder and once copy operation is finished, temporary file is renamed to the destination file.

    You may uncheck this option if you are doing 1-way backups and destination volume has small free space, so that keeping two copies of one big file may overflow it. This option is available only for file systems that do not have atomic upload atomic upload means that until upload is complete, interrupting will revert to previous version of a file.

    These options control file name and file body encryption that GoodSync performs on client side, with key derived from password provided by you, so server has no way of decrypting your files. AES with bit key is used for encryption, with all file blocks chained. Random salt is applied, so different encryptions of the same file will produce different results.

    Note 1: File size will increase by exactly 32 bytes. Note 2: Encrypted file names are Based to readable strings. Note 3: This option would ignore up to 3 file names decrypted incorrectly. You must memorize this password, or use RoboForm to store it in a Safenote. GoodSync will show you a list of decrypted file names and you should make sure that it is readable.

    Then you know that you entered a correct Encryption Password. This button must be used when you forgot Encryption Password and need to start from scratch. Also use it when you change Encryption Password and need to re-encrypt the folder -- wipe it out before syncing to it with the new password.

    More on Encryption and Decryption This how to encrypt all files in a backup: Assuming that Left folder of the job is Source of backup and Right folder of the job is destination, this is what you should do to produce encrypted backup: Encrypt File Bodies and Names remain un-checked. If you change Encryption Password, Encrypt File Bodies or Encrypt File Names option, use Empty Sync Folder button to delete all files on the side of the job where these options were changed and then resync Encrypted Folder from the un-encrypted Source.

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    Espero dar con el fallo con tus instrucciones. Paciencia es el mejor arma. SAbrias de algun caso igual estoy desesperado y aburrido si la casa no da con el fallo imaginate. Normalmente cuando un equipo es enviado 3 veces por el mismo problema te lo cambian por uno nuevo en el mejor de los casos. Agradeceria tu ayuda por que la verdad estoy perdido en esto. Puedes conectar tu Mac al router directamente por un cable de red? Con nuestro tutorial que me parece haber puesto en los comentarios es sencillo. O instalarlo en un disco externo, por si tienes mal algo en la placa como el conector del disco duro o el propio cable?

    Gracias por vuestro soporte. Que hago? Has mirado el tutorial de mi mac no arranca Daniel? Hola Cristal! Hola Daniel! Prueba a entrar en Modo Seguro. Apagas tu Mac y al encenderlo, justo cuando se escucha el sonido pulsas Mayusculas y la mantienes pulsada hasta que veas la Manzana. Si todo va bien, puedes probar a arrancar de nuevo. Tienes dos en el teclado a la derecha y izquierda. Hola Federico! Claro, solo tienes que arrastrarla a iTunes y sincronizar tu dispositivo, o bien si no usas iTunes pasarla con este otro tutorial.

    Es normal que se tarde tantas horas? Lo re incie en 4 oportunidades y siempre dice la misma cantidad de horas y necesito mi computador!! Hola Manuel, tengo un Macbook pro del y lo he formateado ya 3 veces y lo he vuelto a cargar con la copia de seguridad, pero mientras esta encendido me trabaja bien, y una vez que lo apago no me arranca , se queda la pantalla azul intentando abrir y nada, le he puedo el disco de Mac OS X instalandolo sin borrar nada y trabaja, pero luego vuelve a lo mismo, una vez que lo apago,!!! No Arranca!!!

    Y si intentas entrar en safe mode? Has pasado el Apple Hardware Test? Desde ya mil gracias. Has probado este tutorial? Que tal Manuel, te comento mi problema, desde utilidad de disco borre las particiones, al parecer deje el disco vacio, ahora al iniciar solo me aparece la pantalla de utilidades y de ahi no me deja pasar, me aparece el disco duro principal pero me dice que es disco de arranque y no me deja modificarlo, cuando intento reinstalar el SO, al momento de seleccionar el disco, solo me aparece el disco principal y me dice que esta bloqueado, que puedo hacer?

    Hola Jose! Si tienes dudas en los comentarios he puesto el enlace al tutorial, cualquier cosa me comentas. Luego desde otro Mac que tengas instalas OS X en ese disco duro, para luego volver a ponerlo en el Macbook o si quieres antes probar arrancando desde el USB. Has pasado el AHT para ver si hay algun problema de Hardware?

    He intentando formatear el disco pero me dice que la unidad no se puede desmontar. Estoy un poco desesperado pues ya tengo horas intentando todo sin resultado alguno. Tengo la Mac inservible. Tienes Dvds de OS X? Hola Constanza! Otra pregunta, al tener el usb booteable con osx, puede ser yosemite o tiene q se mavericks? Puede ser Yosemite o Mavericks, lo ideal si quieres probar es a instalar OS X sin perder tus datos en el mismo disco duro.

    Otra manera es instalar os x en un disco duro externo o pendrive, luego arrancar desde la unidad externa y copiar los datos del disco duro interno a otro dispositivo. La verdad no tengo idea espero me puedas ayudar. Cualquier duda me preguntas. Probe desde varios pendrive diferentes, probe con mavericks descargando la iso y creando un booteable; con un pendrive nuevo desde otra mac y siempre el mismo error. Algun tutorial de como instalar en un disco externo? Gracias por la ayuda. Simplemente conecta el disco duro externo y lo formateas desde Utilidad de Discos, como si fueses formatear el interno.

    Pero la mac no inicia, no tiene OS actualmente; hay como acceder a la utilidad de discos sin tener OS instalado? Hola Dardo! Pero el problema es que no llego a ese punto, me tira la pantalla bloqueada antes. A mitad de la carga y me tira el logo tachado. Probe en virtualbox y ahi si llega a la utilidad de discos, pero en la mac no. Puedes subir una foto? Buenas Manuel. De que modelo se trata el mac? Como estas.. Pero no me deja, arroja error al desmontar el disco. Intento desmontar desde la utilidad de discos pero nada.

    Error… Sabes ke puedo hacer? Gracias y saludos from Chilito…. A lo mejor se ha sustituido por la de Yosemite. Hola Manuel! Que me aconsejas? Puedes subirme por aqui o facebook unas fotos de los errores al formatear y al instalar? A ver si podemos arreglarlo. Has comprado la superdrive de Apple? Hola tengo un IMAC que iba bien pasando de leopard a snow leopard. Luego he ido a borrar disco donde pone Macintosh HD y listo. El formato que debes elegir es Mac Os Plus con registro. De borrar borra todo mejor. Comprueba si tu modelo realmente soporta Leopard, ya que ese mensaje lo da cuando no es soportado.

    Tutoriales Mac. Previa antes de formatear tu macbook. Comparte esto: Acerca del Autor 18 de noviembre de Manuel Grande.

    This comment form is under antispam protection. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Manuel Grande. Hola Abby! Lucas Sky. Gracias por fin pude formatear mac e instalar la beta de Mojabe Un abrazo. Jesus Tovar. De antemano gracias, saludos.. Barbara R. Hola Fer, disculpa la tardanza, hemos estado de vacaciones. Aaron Bracho. Hola de nuevo. Q tal Manuel!!! Juan pablo. Juan Carlos Vergara Gallego. Lo que debe pasar es que intentas formatear un disco duro con cuenta de icloud activa. Omar Garrillo. Has ido a Utilidad de Discos para dar formato a tu disco duro Perdiendo todos los datos?

    Hice todos los pasos y al reinstalar OS X se sale cuando le quedan minutos para terminar.