Effacer historique firefox mac os

Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.

Send feedback on Google Account. In the Chrome app On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app. At the top right, tap More. Tap History Clear browsing data. At the top, choose a time range. Cependant, CleanMyMac n'est pas fait pour tout le monde. Un Mac bien entretenu offrira toujours de meilleures performances qu'une installation "chaotique". Details de mes notes.

How to clear the Firefox cache

Les avantages que vous pouvez tirer de l'utilisation de ce software varieront en fonction de votre installation. Mes arguments comprennent principalement deux parties.

Il existe plusieurs raisons pour lesquelles un Mac peut fonctionner lentement. De plus, vous pouvez toujours contacter le support client pour toute question.

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Voici mon conseil: Sommaire du Test Ancienne version 3. Prix raisonnable vu le gain de temps offert. Testez la version d'essai gratuite! Eugster Jul 19 '16 at 6: This is somehow overkill since it deletes at least the last our of activity, but may be useful.

Clear Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox on a Mac

Better to loose the last hour than the whole history, saved passwords etc NoChecksum NoChecksum 2 5. Thanks, this is a good scalpel-y way that works for pages that return an error and thus don't show in history. This answer looks complicated, but to me it is the only one that actually answer the OP's question: This does not work with FF Clicking "Send" does nothing. Not sure whether bugzilla. Late answer. With Firefox With Web Developer windows opened, redirect cache will be refreshed.

Clear your cache on an Apple Computer (Mac Os X/macOS)

It's a solution to clear your redirect cache frustration almost no way good way to clear it, i disabled history on my browser, other answers above don't solve my problem: Then either close the Web Developer F12 or uncheck the options then you can continue on development. If you are on windows, and the url is not shown in the browser history Use a search tool like wingrep or the option "Find in files The search might take a minute, and might return more than one file.

Then simply delete the file s found, and restart Firefox. User0 User0 1 5 7.

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Which is even more of a hassle than just clearing the cache considering your solutions needs a browser restart Your question was: Click the hamburger menu or the library button next to the search bar. Click 'History'. Click 'Clear Recent History Expand 'Details' clicking a small button next to the label.

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Uncheck all but 'Cache'. Click 'Clear Now'.

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Dmytro Dmytro 11 2. Welcome to Super User! It's good to link to the comment you used for reference, but it's even better to add the context in the answer itself, to make the answer self-contained.